After trying an testing many products within my career and finding it difficult to deliver the look and feel of the hair that I desired. I thought the only way to push forward creatively was to create a brand that worked with the hair as a canvas, that I could mould to my own requirements. The absence of organic and vegan friendly products in the market place surprised me as this is something that I passionately believe in. I wanted a product that I could trust as my go to range. The development started years ago, researching global organic ingredients to introduce a collection that I felt confident in delivering and passionate enough to put my name to. I believe that my hair care range stands alone within the market as exclusive, luxury and most importantly environmentally friendly.” – CEO Suk Ram. 

Suk Ram Haircare believes in preserving nature, and as a team we are strongly against testing products on animals. Not only is the range 100% vegan-friendly, but it is completely cruelty-free and free of chemicals such as sulphate and parabens. The product packaging is 100% recyclable and highly sustainable, helping consumers adopt a more sustainable approach to beauty.
Each product within this innovative haircare range has something unique which makes this collection stand out in its own right – the unique addition of love for your hair, love for the earth, and love for mankind. 
This is just the beginning of my journey with you and I hope that I can continue to make an impact in the future with the development of Suk Ram Haircare